Tentative Schedule and Rosters

Hello parent and players!   Welcome to our 2nd annual Crazy 8 Sports College Showcase and to the community of Ponoka.

A tentative schedule has been prepared; please note – game times may change depending on weather and other circumstances beyond our control.  Games will be 2-35 minute halves, with the exception of games played in the female division on Sunday.  Sunday’s girls’ team schedule as follows:   9:30-11:00 games will be 30 minute mini games – each team will play 2-30 minute mini games.  In addition,  the 12:30 Sunday game will feature the University of Alberta Jr. Pandas playing each of our girls’ teams in a 40 minute mini-game.

Players will be provided with their kit at registration on Friday.  Attendees should bring extra shorts, socks and water bottles (a water filling station will be available at the field for players).  DO NOT FORGET cleats and shin guards.


  1. There are no change rooms at the facility,
  2. Dress for all types of weather – come prepared for the best and worst conditions.
  3. Parents there are bleachers at the field, but seating may be limited so if you wish bring a chair.
  4. Games may change with limited notice; please follow us on Facebook as updates will be posted there.
  5. A food truck will be on-site.
  6. OUT OF PROVINCE PLAYERS – we need your Provincial Release form ASAP.


We keep our rosters size small so we can maximize each player’s field time.  Throughout the tournament, a roster may need 1 or 2 extra players in the event of an injury or “no shows”.   Players may have the opportunity for extra time on another team if needed.  We may also move a player or 2 to another team if necessary.  Sometimes a Coach wants to see a player work with someone else or go up against another player. 


We want the players to showcase themselves as individuals, but also demonstrate their ability to play within a new team.  This is an opportunity to showcase your skills, your personality as a player, your creativity, work ethic and knowledge of the game.  Play within yourself, don’t be afraid to take risks.  Do what you do and do it well.

Below are the rosters and tentative schedule.


Lonny Behm



Friday May 26th 2017

4:00-4:45 – Female registration

4:45-5:30 – Male registration

5:00-6:00 – Female practice session

6:10-7:10 – Male practice session

Saturday May 27th, 2017

9:00 am –    Female: Blue vs. White

10:30 am – Male: Blue vs. White

12:00 pm – Female: White vs. Teal

1:30 pm – Male: Sky vs. White

3:00 pm – Female: Teal vs. Blue

4:30 pm – Male: Blue vs. Sky

6:00 – 7:00 Keeper training (still awaiting confirmation)


Sunday May 28th, 2017

8:00 am – Male:      Sky vs. White

9:30 am – Female:  Teal vs White

White vs. Blue

Blue vs. Teal

11:00 am – Male:    Blue vs. Sky

Pictures and Awards

12:30 pm – Female:  U of A vs. White

1:20 pm                     U of A vs. Teal

2:10 pm                      U of A vs. Blue

2:40 pm –   Male:      Blue vs White

Male Royal Blue

Number First Name Last Name
50 Ben Batke
60 Lewis McDowell
61 Tyrell Thring
62 Robert Wareham
64 Kevin Khouri
65 Emery Lunde
71 Sean Rowland
 85  Micah  Marriott
80 Kyle Sluggett
81 Ashton Taylor
82 Damon Schwartz
90 Caleb Sandle
91 Arshdeep Sekhon
92 Noah Leggo
94 Owen MacPherson
70 Kjel Gusdal

Male Sky Blue

Number First Name Last Name
50 Tarren Russell
51 Dillon Bouma
61 Braiden Ferris
62 Kyle Reese Mckee
64 Brad Welch
65 Zachary McCallum
66 Tatym Dillabough
70 Michael Manziuk
71 Benjamin Kutas
72 Ryan McMurtry
74 Shaun Pallin
75 Adam Boman
80 Harry Crampton
90 Connor Stiles
91 Zakhil Weber
 52  Jacob  Johnson
60 Neal Fekete

Male White

Number First Name Last Name
60 Hector Ibarra
61 Nelson McPherson Krueger
62 Kole Lundstrom
70 Noah Boman
71 Tovoda Lewis
72 Jack Bahler
80 Winston Ross
81 Nicolas Conteras
82 Tyler Simpson
84 Mauricio obregon
90 Jules Leggo
91 Anoopdeep Sekhon
92 Cole Hujber
94 Zachary Everett
93 Anthony Bottos

Female Teal

Number First Name Last Name
#60 Taryn Boey
#61 Paige Ekdahl
#62 Sawyer Liddle
#70 Ashley Thomson
#71 Holly Letandre
#72 Ashley Clark
#74 Siarra Everett
#80 Emma Bendera
#81 Brooke Glasier
#82 Abby Musgrove
#90 Paige Buchanan
#91 Mackenzie Farris
#92 Avery Chick
#93 Bailey Musgrove
#75 Olivia Fraser
#76 Ashton Engler

Female White

Number First Name Last Name
#60 Alexandra Murphy
#70 Sterling Cannan
#71 Kayla Nesseth
#72 Emily Richard
#73 Mikayla Fujimoto
#74 Emma Bohrson
#75 Genevieve Vadnais
#76 Jasmine Brown
#80 Leah Jensen
#90 Abbie Good
#91 Amanda Bobniac
#92 Abbie Sheflo
#93 Alia Temple
#94 Sloanne Cannan
#95 Lea Kennerd
#81 Tamera Ferris

Blue Evolution

Number First Name Last Name
#60 Lexi Kowalchuk
#61 Kennedy Clairidge
#62 Kierstyn Greidanus
#70 Melanie Kebel
#71 Taylor Pankiw
#72 Rylan Langkow
#74 Michaela Jacobsen
#80 Lois Gardiner
#81 Abygale Durie
#82 Tyler Vercaigne
#90 Teaghan Haysom
#91 Mackenzie Wiancko
#92 Meave Butts
#93 Ainsley Toner
#99 Jade Ozano

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